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It’s payday for Commonwealth Bank customers: Samsung Pay-day

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<a href= class="colorbox">It’s payday for Commonwealth Bank customers: Samsung Pay-day</a>

Though it’s generally been slow to embrace third party digital wallet platforms in the past, the Commonwealth Bank has finally partnered up with Samsung to provide its customers the ability to make contactless payments using Samsung Pay.

As of today, CBA customers can now use Samsung Pay to make purchases at contactless payment terminals across Australia using the Samsung Pay app on their Galaxy Note 8, Gear S3 and other Samsung smart devices.

“Samsung Pay not only provides users with a simple and secure way to pay, but it also allows users to load their loyalty cards to capture reward points at the point of sale, which lessens their reliance on a physical wallet,“ said Garry McGregor, Director of IT and Mobile at Samsung’s Australian offices.

Tap Tap Taparoo

The app is said to provide an additional layer of security to your contactless payments, by creating a tokenised card number for the user, meaning that customers won’t have to store sensitive card information on their phones or wearables.

Samsung Pay also requires PIN, Iris or fingerprint authentication before a payment can be made, which is much more security than your credit or debit card demands.

Furthermore, the Samsung Pay …read more

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Nokia 8 Pro running on Snapdragon 845 reportedly in the works

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<a href= class="colorbox">Nokia 8 Pro running on Snapdragon 845 reportedly in the works</a>

HMD Global, the home of Nokia smartphones, is reportedly working on a powerful Nokia flagship smartphone. Tentatively named the Nokia 8 Pro, rumours suggest that HMD could be aiming for a launch some time in Quarter 3, 2018.

In the run up to the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) starting next week, there have been several rumours of upcoming smartphones. The specifications of several smartphones scheduled to launch at the MWC 2018 event are already known, more or less, but today’s Nokia leak concerns a device that is at least six months away from launch.

Nokia 8 Pro, a renamed Nokia 10?

Earlier, there were rumours suggesting that HMD could launch a Nokia smartphone with Penta-lens, featuring Carl Zeiss optics. At the time, the leaks pointed that the phone could be called the Nokia 10. However, today’s leak suggests that HMD may call it the Nokia 8 Pro instead of Nokia 10 – we may not see the Nokia 10 being launched altogether.

Additionally, the leak further goes on to hint that the “Pro” moniker could be because of the penta-lens camera setup, instead of just high-end specs. The Nokia 8 Pro could also come with a rotating lens camera …read more

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The best Australian podcasts to listen to right now

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<a href= class="colorbox">The best Australian podcasts to listen to right now</a>

UPDATE: We’ve added a whole new genre – sports. Get your fill of all the ups and downs in the world of footy and cricket.

Got a new pair of headphones? Or perhaps you’ve a swanky new Google Home or Google Home Mini. Or maybe your splurged on the brand-new Apple HomePod. Well, why not fire up a podcast to make the most of those smart speakers or headphones?

As diverse as music, as amusing as live comedy and as insightful as binge-watching episodes of QI, there’s going to be a podcast out there for you… somewhere.

Don’t know where to begin? That’s all right: we’re here to help!

While we could sit here all day and point you in the direction of the usual suspects (cough, Serial), we thought we’d instead dedicate our time to the must-listen-to local productions on offer. We’ll make a concerted effort to include those that are still producing new episodes, but where necessary, we may recommend something from the archives that, while a little dusty, are still gleaming with gold underneath.

As well as casting the net wide in terms of genres, we’ll make sure that our list doesn’t consist entirely …read more

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Watch a Human Try to Fight Off Boston Dynamics' Door-Opening Robot Dog

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<a href= class="colorbox">Watch a Human Try to Fight Off Boston Dynamics' Door-Opening Robot Dog</a>

A human with a hockey stick does everything in his power to stop a robot from opening a door. …read more

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Why Artificial Intelligence Researchers Should Be More Paranoid

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<a href= class="colorbox">Why Artificial Intelligence Researchers Should Be More Paranoid</a>

Report highlights risks of AI. A robot-turned-assassin? …read more

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Get ready for 3D posts in your Facebook News Feed

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<a href= class="colorbox">Get ready for 3D posts in your Facebook News Feed</a>

Facebook may be favored more by grandparents than teens these days, but the social network is taking steps to keep its interface innovative.

After announcing plans to allow 3D objects in Facebook posts at last year’s Oculus Connect conference, Facebook is finally showing off the technology in action.

LEGO, Jurassic Park, Sony, Wayfair and other brands all released posts today with embedded, rotatable 3D objects.

Facebook Product Manager Aykud Gönen said in a blog post the 3D objects use “industry-standard gITF 2.0” formatting, and that artists will be able to directly drag and drop 3D images into Facebook posts.

This means easier sharing of even richer, more varied 3D content, Gönen said.

With the 3D Connect app on your Sony Xperia XZ1, XZ1 Compact or XZ Premium phone, you’ll also be able to snap 3D photos, then post them directly to your Facebook News Feed. Sony is just one of Facebook’s first partners, and other apps will be able to easily use the tools to enable 3D sharing support.

A 3D link to VR

While Facebook users with 3D-enabled camera phones will no doubt use this technology, brands like Wayfair and LEGO can also now show off …read more

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Best WiFi extenders 2018: top 9 devices for extending your Wi-Fi

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<a href= class="colorbox">Best WiFi extenders 2018: top 9 devices for extending your Wi-Fi</a>

If your network needs to cover a large space, such as a house or a large office, you’re probably familiar with the issues that arise when you wander too far from your router. If you experience these issues regularly, it might be a good idea to go out and buy one of the best Wi-Fi extenders. Sure, some range issues can be solved by buying a new router, but even the best wireless routers have a maximum range.

If you have a modem with a router built in, or even if you have a separate wireless router, you might start to run into some issues with your network’s range. There are several causes to these problems – your router may not be in a central location, or perhaps it’s obscured by walls or other objects. You can try to fix these problems by moving things around, but if you’re looking for a quick, efficient solution to all of your wireless range woes, the best Wi-Fi extenders are going to be a lifesaver.

The best Wi-Fi extenders connect to your wireless network, then extend the signal so that even devices in the furthest reaches of your home or office can connect. It’s …read more

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Best PC power supply 2018: top PSUs for your PC

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<a href= class="colorbox">Best PC power supply 2018: top PSUs for your PC</a>

There’s no subtle way to say it, but there’s nothing more important when building a new PC than picking out one of the best PSUs. Sure, you might be tempted to skimp on your power supply in order to buy the best graphics card you can muster, but trust us – it’s just not worth it. If you’re trying to put together the best PC you can muster, you need to buy the best power supply that you can afford. Every single in your computer depends on it. If you do end up picking up a cheap power supply and it eventually fails – and it will – you could end up stuck with an expensive brick instead of a computer.

Nobody wants to deal with the nightmare of a failing power supply – trust us. And the worst part is, a lot of the time you won’t even know your power supply is on its last legs until it’s too late. Sure, there are some symptoms as in your face as your PC flat out refusing to boot, but they could be as subtle as some lost power efficiency. Do yourself a favor, if you’re building a PC, …read more

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Best SSDs 2018: the top solid-state drives for your PC

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<a href= class="colorbox">Best SSDs 2018: the top solid-state drives for your PC</a>

For years, if you wanted to expand your computer’s storage, you only really had one choice: hard drives. For the longest time you were stuck with their spinning disks and tedious transfer speeds. Times have finally changed though, as in 2018, the best SSDs, or solid state drives, are fast enough to free you from the slow crawl of mechanical drives with lightning-fast boot times and file transfers.

For some reason, a lot of people believe that you need one of the best PCs to take advantage of the blistering speeds that the best SSDs offer. However, that’s simply not true. The best Ultrabooks and the best SSDs are practically made for each other – the lightweight and compact design of these extremely portable laptops makes hard drives seem like relics of some lost age. You can even experience the best SSDs if you’re a console gamer – they’re a compelling upgrade for the console of your choice, you can just ask any PC gamer what it’s like to have nearly instantaneous load times. This flexibility is ultimately what inspired us to create this list of the best SSDs on the market in 2018.

If you look on Newegg …read more

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Best gaming mouse 2018: the best gaming mice we've tested

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<a href= class="colorbox">Best gaming mouse 2018: the best gaming mice we've tested</a>

If you’ve just built (or bought) one of the best gaming PCs, it might just be time to pair it with one of the best gaming mice on the market. It is perhaps understandable that you might want to scale back your spending after dropping a thousand bucks on a killer rig, but why would you settle for a mediocre pointing device? You should instead pick up a best gaming mouse so that everything attached to that marvelous PC is of comparable quality. And luckily, you’ve come to the right place, as we have put together a list of the best gaming mice that we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on over the last year or so.

There seems to be a myth that circles around any gaming peripherals that the most expensive equipment is the best equipment, and it’s just not true – and the same goes for the best gaming mice. When you go out looking for a new gaming mouse, you should keep your eye on anything that strikes a balance between price and performance, don’t just go on Newegg and set the filter for ‘most expensive first’. Luckily, that’s the exact philosophy we had …read more

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