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iPhone 8 colors: what shades does the new iPhone come in?

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<a href= class="colorbox">iPhone 8 colors: what shades does the new iPhone come in?</a>

New iPhone models often bring with them a range of new colors, but Apple has confirmed that the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will come in only three shades.

None of the colors are particularly different to what you’d expect from Apple, but we’ve included the three options below to help you decide which hue to opt for.

Bear in mind that Apple may bring new color options to the market in the future though, especially as it launched the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in red around six months after the phones first landed. So if none of the current colors appeal, you may not be out of luck.


This has been a staple color for the iPhone for quite some time and Apple kept it for the iPhone 8.

This is just standard black, there’s no Jet Black option for the iPhone 8 as the phone now has a glass back, rather than the metal of the iPhone 7. It’s hardly the most exciting …read more

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Dyson may be set to reveal its own electric car

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<a href= class="colorbox">Dyson may be set to reveal its own electric car</a>

Dyson may be on the verge of revealing plans to launch its own electric car, according to a new report.

The company, best known for its bagless vacuum cleaners and bladeless fans, would be doing away with another traditionally-key component in its electric car designs, going all electric for power rather than opting for petrol or diesel engines.

This would put it in direct competition with Silicon Valley’s Tesla, which makes premium electric cars.

On the hiring highway

According to the Daily Mail, the vehicle is being developed at Dyson’s UK headquarters in Wiltshire, with the company on a hiring spree to pick up key talent from the car industry. This is thought to include a designer from Elon Musk’s Tesla team (as well as Ricardo Reyes, the company’s communications executive) and Ian Minards, formerly a product development director at Aston Martin, hinting at the luxury quality that Dyson may be aspiring to.

It’s also been investing heavily in artificial intelligence, a sector where many of Dyson’s latest recruits have been plucked. Dyson has pumped £2.5 million into AI development, which also buoys its robot cleaner ambitions.

Dyson has previously bought solid state battery company Sakti3, which develops the kind of technology required …read more

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Xbox smartwatch prototype reveals an alternate history for Microsoft wearables

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<a href= class="colorbox">Xbox smartwatch prototype reveals an alternate history for Microsoft wearables</a>

Ever wondered what an Xbox smartwatch would look like? Well, wonder no more – newly uncovered images show that a gaming-branded wearable was in development at Microsoft HQ.

The images show the long-rumored (and long since cancelled) Microsoft smartwatch that was thought to be in active development around 2013.

It featured Xbox branding and favored a heavily-bezelled square watch face, which had been pencilled in for release in 2015.

The ill-fated Xbox smartwatch, may you rest in peace (via SuomiMobiili)

Kinecting your wrist to your heart

There’s little to go on in terms of what operating system or apps the device would have run, but what looks like a heart-rate sensor sits on the rear. This could have given the smartwatch a fitness focus, which would align with the fact that Microsoft at the time was heavily pushing the Kinect motion sensor’s potential for fitness and exercise tracking.

It’s possible that, what with Xbox branding, the watch would have offered a gamified approach to shedding the pounds.

Elsewhere, there appears to be a clasp for charging, which seems to take its cues from the magnetic power connector present in the Microsoft Surface tablet lines, which are there employed to juice up the …read more

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Apple could still be working on sub-screen fingerprint technology

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<a href= class="colorbox">Apple could still be working on sub-screen fingerprint technology</a>

A newly revealed patent could mean that Apple is still working on fingerprint scanning technology that sits beneath the screen.

With the reveal of the iPhone X, the iPhone became pretty much all-screen (if you discount the ‘notch’) and so the fingerprint sensor had to go somewhere.

As it turns out, it got dropped from the phone completely, but that doesn’t mean we’ve definitely seen the back of fingerprint sensors on Apple products.

There were rumors going around before the launch of the X that Apple was attempting to put the fingerprint sensor underneath the glass of the screen but struggled to do so due to the amount of space the technology needed.

Ultrasonic force sensor

Now it looks like Apple may have found a solution to that problem. The patent application is for an ultrasonic force sensor, which may sound like something from Star Wars, but is actually a touch screen technology that can register pressure sensitivity of touch.

Now this isn’t anything new – Apple’s 3D touch is pressure responsive. But the technology laid out in the patent achieves similar results while taking up much less space under the screen, potentially leaving space for the sub-screen fingerprint sensor to make an …read more

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Apple TV teardown takes us inside Apple's 4K streaming solution

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<a href= class="colorbox">Apple TV teardown takes us inside Apple's 4K streaming solution</a>

After a couple of quiet years, Apple has finally made some much-needed upgrades to the Apple TV and released a brand new Apple TV 4K model that supports super-high resolutions and HDR streaming.

Despite this significant upgrade, though, the Apple TV has retained its minimalist design. There’s nothing about this unassuming black box that gives away its high resolution capabilities so we’re glad that iFixit, a site famed for its teardowns, has taken Apple’s latest streaming device apart to reveal just what’s going on in there.

The first sign that the new Apple TV is packing more power than its predecessor came before iFixit even cracked the device open – the base of the new TV has a completely redesigned bottom panel which appears to be for increased thermal venting.

High resolution solution

To crack the box open, iFixit simply has to undo a couple of simple plastic clips and there are only standard Torx screws to content with.

Inside iFixit finds a seriously big fan that’s been merged with the heat sink/EMI shield assembly from the fourth-generation Apple TV to create “whopper of a cooling solution”, no doubt required to cope with the extra heat given off …read more

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Can This Tesla Alum Build the World’s Greenest Battery?

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<a href= class="colorbox">Can This Tesla Alum Build the World’s Greenest Battery?</a>

A planned electric vehicle battery factory in Sweden wants to incorporate green energy and mineral sourcing practices to make a super-green car. …read more

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Bridgewater Associates Founder Ray Dalio Explains His _Principles_ of Success

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<a href= class="colorbox">Bridgewater Associates Founder Ray Dalio Explains His _Principles_ of Success</a>

How Ray Dalio used data to transcend his ego and get rich doing it. …read more

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What’s the best Linux firewall distro?

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<a href= class="colorbox">What’s the best Linux firewall distro?</a>

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You don’t have to manage a large corporate network to use a dedicated firewall. While your Linux distro may already have an impressive firewall installed as well as an equally impressive arsenal of tools to manage it, the advantages don’t extend to the other devices on your network.

A typical network has more devices connected to the internet than the total number of computers and laptops in your average small or home office. With the onslaught of IoT, it won’t be long before your router is doling out IP addresses to your washing machine and microwave as well.

The one thing you wouldn’t want in this Jetsonian future is having to rely on your router’s limited firewall capabilities to shield your house – and everyone in it – from the malicious bits and bytes floating about on the internet.

A dedicated firewall stands between the internet and internal network, sanitising the traffic flowing into the latter. Setting one up is an involved process …read more

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Get the Most Out of iOS 11 With These Cool Camera Tricks

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<a href= class="colorbox">Get the Most Out of iOS 11 With These Cool Camera Tricks</a>

Take your iPhone photography to the next level with these new features. …read more

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Seen an amazing photo online? Vivaldi shows you its metadata with two clicks

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<a href= class="colorbox">Seen an amazing photo online? Vivaldi shows you its metadata with two clicks</a>

Ever seen an incredible picture online and wondered what type of camera it was taken with, what exposure and focal length settings the photographer used, or where and when it was taken?

The latest version of super-customizable web browser Vivaldi puts all that information at your fingertips. Just right-click a photo, select ‘Image properties’ to see a comprehensive list of metadata, including a histogram, white balance and color space, dimensions and any software used for post-processing.

“Photography and design experts will appreciate instant access to the multi-channel histogram and raw data. Bloggers can easily get the dimensions of the image,” says Henrik Helmers, designer at Vivaldi. “Photo enthusiasts can use this new feature as a tool to learn more about their hobby.”

Vivaldi’s updated downloads panel makes it easier to sort your files and see useful information at a glance

Vivaldi 1.12 also features an improved downloads panel, with additional data including the file name, download URL, destination folder and download speed. You can filter downloads by name, type, size, data added and date finished, helping avoid the hassle of trawling through a list to find the one you need.

If you find some websites’ accent colors too strong, the browser also features …read more

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